A.R.T. – Artists Round Table

So, the new year has brought lots of new opportunities which fortunately has kept me pretty busy and unfortunately thrown my updates all out of whack. But I’m happy to say that at least for me, is not a total disaster.


I’m very close to having my new web store up which will have some of my works available for sale and with it my website will have couple of new touches to it. I think the biggest hurdle right now is making it web responsive.


But on to the main point of today’s post! I was honored by being able to participate and be a part of a new and exciting Vlog called the Artists Round Table– A.R.T. for short. I was also got to be it’s first interviewee. So, head on over to the link below to view our great conversation where we talk about some of our trials and tribulations working as professional artists. I think lots of people will find some kernels of truth and wisdom in our experiences or if not, at least insights into our working lives.


Please follow us and like us on Facebook and Youtube where hopefully we’ll continue to bring everyone some interesting content. Thanks and here’s to the new year!






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