Coming very soon!

Heads up folks I’ve got things in the works that are going to launch very soon. My website will get a cosmetic change very soon but also the store page will be up soon as well.


And, I wanted to say that I’ll be co-hosting on two podcasts this month! Of course there’s the Artist Round Table but there’s also a surprise one as well. As soon as it’s made public I’ll announce it to everyone.


Man! that was awesome as well as nerve-racking. I gotta say, I never pictured myself doing podcasts in my lifetime. I’m a fairly shy person when it comes to public speaking. Which seems absurd if you listen to me but I tell you it’s the truth! I’ve learned to eat all kinds of humble pie recently and you know what, it don’t taste bad at all. I guess this “old dog” can learn new tricks.


Stayed tuned and thanks for stopping by.

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