I’m sure everyone has heard by now that CGhub is gone. They admins put a fork in it and they’re done. They sited personal reasons but somehow it feels dodgy. Well, I guess I’m forced to respect that. You can find some explanation on the Shakuro Facebook page.

It was a great site and community. I find it kind of odd that the web was fairly quite about it’s demise. I guess most people were waiting to see what was going on. During my time there I felt like my work was growing and I was generating a little more interest. What I’ll miss the most, is the job board. I found a few leads from them. Most, never panned out but I was still convinced that something would hit.

So what now? Deviantart is still going strong. They have a very active online community and most members are very friendly. Recently, I heard of Drawcrowd. I like they’re set up but not entirely sure of the community itself. Behance is nice. They have free web portfolios that allow for some customization but most of the art there is geared toward commercial illustration. There’s not a lot fantasy or scifi artists there.

So, do you do if you need a concept art, scifi, or fantasy fix it’s hard to say where you can find a lot of your favorite artists in one spot. I’m sure there are a few sites you could go to but I’m not a huge fan of the forum style set up. I’m sure that all the artists, and companies that were on CGhub are all now scrambling to find new communities. So, if anyone has good recommendations please post your links and share.



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