“Did I fall asleep? Why am I falling so slowly? What is this feeling? I’m not sure if I’m numb.”

The wind blows and swirls past as you fall. It feels dangerous and all too unreal. Yet you don’t bother to see if you’re dreaming. Sinking slowly past the layers of time and space, your mind expands it tries to register these new sensations. You feel in your heart a small gentle voice, at once yours and strangely unfamiliar… ‘Welcome home’.

Dreams are a part of our daily lives. They’re a part of who we are. We dream about the things we want to do or become and when we sleep we dream about our hopes, fears, desires, and fantasies. Science says we always dream but what happens when we wake and don’t remember our dreams.? What happens to those dreams? What did we see? Where did our mind take us? Maybe our souls can’t remember. Maybe we sleep so deeply that we just fall out of our bodies and fall into a dream dimension. A dangerous world which threatens us but never harms us. Welcomes us and never wholly accepts us. We’re visitors after all. How could we possibly understand the surrealness of this world.

This is image is the first in a series of prints that I’ll be launching a Kickstarter for hopefully sometime in August. It’ll be a small print run but they’ll be high quality prints. I hope you like it, share and support this new project of mine. Thank you, peace and good karma.