Originally, I was going to talk about and create a few posts about the basics of drawing but then I came across a website called https://drawabox.com/. I browsed the website because I curious about the content and I thought there might be something I could learn. But after going through the whole site lesson by lesson and video by video, I came to the conclusion that it was way too basic for me. However, after I was done I thought to myself, ‘This is a good website!”

I was a bit surprised to see that all of the information was free. That’s super cool of them. But if you wanted to get feedback that’s where you have to pay. Which depending on your level of skill and finances might be worth it.

The reason I like this site is because they approach drawing from both a structural point of view as well as a three dimensional way of thinking. You’re encouraged to think about how to place your drawings onto a page so that it will appear as a solid object.

Honestly, I wish that when I was in school they pushed us to think more like this. It would have made my artistic progress easier. Not to say they didn’t at all but they certainly never taught it so stringently as the guys at https://drawabox.com/.

There is one key component that I will implement for myself though, and that’s the 50/50 rule. After listening to their explanation I thought I’d give it a try in my own artistic training. What’s there to lose? In the end drawing is fun to do.

So, if you’re a super noob, I suggest you head over to the guys at https://drawabox.com/.